Tourist information and useful contacts

Enjoy your stay at your best: spend a relaxing and carefree holiday, and experience the wonders of Selinunte.
Here some useful information and telephone numbers for emergencies.

  • Tourist Information

    Archaeological Park of Selinunte Selinunte street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 462770924 46277
    Opening: 9:00am – 6:00pm, end of visit within 7:00pm.
    Ticket prices: full € 6.00, reduced € 3.00

    Civic Museum of Castelvetrano 50, Giuseppe Garibaldi street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9096050924 909605
    Opening: 9:00am-1:00pm and 3:30pm-7:30pm
    Ticket price: € 2.50

    Tourist Office Castelvetrano Garibaldi street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9049320924 904932

  • Useful numbers

    Autoservizi Salemi (Public transport) Telephone: (+39)0923 9811200924 981120

    Postal Office Marinella di Selinunte 10, Antigone street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 460140924 46014

  • Emergencies

    Police 13 Piemonte street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9073470924 907347

    Carabinieri 7, Vittorio Veneto street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9023760924 902376 / (+39)0924 9015100924 901510

    Fire department Campobello street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9022220924 902222

    Hospital "Vittorio Emanuele II" Marinella street, Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 9301110924 930111 / (+39)0924 9303000924 930300

    Pharmacy Gancitano 87, G.Caboto street Castelvetrano - (+39)0924 462360924 46236

Read the FAQs

  • How to get around in Selinunte?

    Those staying in a resort located within the village can easily walk to any point of interest, except for a couple of beaches, discos and restaurants. Instead, those who stay outside the village need a vehicle. There is not a shuttle bus service that allows you to move to the beaches outside the city center.

  • Are there restricted traffic areas?

    All Marinella Center is ZTL from 9.30pm to 1.30 am

  • What are the Movida Areas? What time do the pubs close?

    The main clubs of Selinunte are located in the center: along the Marco Polo road and near Piazza Empedocle and "Scaro". The Venus and Nirvana (Ex Malibů) discotheques are located outside the village and can only be reached by car. The center's pubs and bars usually close around 2:30 am, the nightclubs close around 4:00 am.At Marinella, close to Piazza Stazione and Via Marco Polo, there are some take away bakeries and pizzerias that work all night until early in the morning.

  • Are there cycling trails in the village?

    No, there are no bike lanes at Marinella di Selinunte

  • Are there Pet Friendly beaches?

    There are no beaches or lidos offering pet-friendly services, but dogs can safely access the free beaches.

  • Where can I find information on events, shows and concerts in Selinunte?

    Find information about the main events in the territory on this site:

  • Where is the Medical Guard?

    The Medical Guard of Selinunte is located in Via Marco Polo, 4(Tel. 0924 46548) (Tel. 0924 46548)

  • What is the closest hospital to Marinella?

    The closest is Vittorio Emanuele Hospital of Castelvetrano, about 12 km far (14 minutes by car)

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